How to recover BKF data when Catalog files are missing

Published: 31st January 2011
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The backup data maintained by the user is quite useful in case of disastrous data loss event. Backup is the vital method using which one can help in retaining original user data and make the situation less troublesome. Now, the prime use of backup is to restore state in case of data loss disaster and retrieve several small files which were accidently deleted or damaged. Data loss issues are quite frequent and more than 60 percent of internet userís suffers from corruption issues.

Now the backup copy comprises data storage requirements, although maintaining the storing space can be a tedious task for users. With data repository model, users can manage the backup process; also there are other versatile ways of making backups. With the help of Microsoft Windows in-built software, NTBackup, users can maintain their backup files. NTBackup backup application allow users to generate a substitute backup format (BKF), files can be backed onto tape, ZIP drives, floppy disks and hard drives. Also, the backup utility is compatible with encrypting file system, junction points, alternate data streams, disk quote, mounted drive or remote storing information. NT backup is also able to store audit entries, NTFS permissions, incremental backups on files and folders.

Now, the concerning issue is that, NT Backup application itself can get prone to damage and corruption issues. Prime reasons for damage could be virus attacks, improper system shutdown, and power failure. One of the major issues in NTBackup damage is missing catalog files. In such cases users are unable to access files for restoring data. Thereby, need of repair BKF file becomes essential for users.

Whenever BKF files are into operation, catalog files are created; these are stored in catalog folder on the system and are visible with NTBackup Restore tab. At the time of creating more than one backup at the same time files can share a matching attribute. The backup set which was created firstly is depicted in Restore tab and other backup are not visible in the restore tab. This condition leads to damage in the BKF file and makes stored data completely inaccessible for users.

To overcome entire data loss issues in backup folder users have to conduct the repair process. MS backup recovery tool is meant to perform recovery of files from damaged BKF archives. The tool conducts extensive scanning of inaccessible BKF files and performs instant recovery; entire data get enlisted in tree like form so that users can easily indentify files and folders.

No matter for what reason the BKF data is facing damage issues, MS Backup Recovery tool is meant to deal with all. MS BKF File Recoverytool will never harm original formatting and authenticity of stored data. Also errors will be efficiently resolved and users can make flawless recovery for stored user data using Kernel for Backup recovery. Kernel for Backup repair is made compatible with several versions of Windows operating system and boosts user-friendly features so that user does not find any hassle in operating tool functionalities.

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